Nuxalk Radio  in Central Coast BC

Nuxalk Radio

Unit 3 497 Mackenzie St, Bella Coola, BC

  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Community
  • Promotes Nuxalk language fluency and inspires new learners
  • Contributes to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being
  • Asserts Nuxalk Nationhood, proudly reclaiming our territory and promoting stewardship of our homelands

Meet the Nuxalk Radio Team

the Nuxalk Radio Team is the owner of Nuxalk Radio

Banchi Hanuse is the Station Manager for the Nuxalk Radio and is very proud that Bella Coola has their very own radio station. The radio station is administered through a society, the Alkw Media Society. Banchi explains that the tagline of Nuxalk Radio is, “Lhulhamktulhs ala ts’ktaliwalh alh ti s-kulhulmcilh t’ayc n wa sulutilh ads, broadcasting the laws of the lands and waters.”

The Bella Coola area is rich in natural environment and cultural history. “The Nuxalk People, Nuxalkmc, have been here since time immemorial,” said Banchi. The radio station contributes positively to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of their listeners while also asserting Nuxalk Nationhood and promoting the Nuxalk language.

Empowering. Informative. Entertaining.

Nuxalk Radio is a community radio station broadcasting on 91.1 FM from the Nuxalk village of Q’umk’uts’ Bella Coola and online. Nuxalk Radio broadcasts news, local events, emergency broadcasts and more.

The Nuxalk Radio station, “promotes Nuxalk language use to increase the fluency of semi-fluent Nuxalk language speakers, inspires new Nuxalk language learners, raises the prestige of the Nuxalk language and reaffirms the fact that the Nuxalk language is relevant today,” said Station Manager Banchi. “Nuxalk Radio contributes positively to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being,” explained Banchi, “while also asserting Nuxalk Nationhood by raising up our Nuxalk ancestral government, reclaiming and reoccupying our territory and promoting stewardship of our homelands.”

Nuxalk Radio 91.1 FM Bella Coola is set up with an automated unattended emergency alerting system so anyone listening to Nuxalk Radio via 91.1 FM or online will receive notification of imminent emergencies within the Bella Coola area issued by authorized authorities via Pelmorex’s National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System so that they can take appropriate action. Alert messages include messages relating to events such as floods, forest fires, industrial disasters and tsunamis. This is in accordance with Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Broadcasting Order which requires broadcasters to fully participate in the National Public Alerting System.

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  • Proudly broadcasting at 91.1 FM and


  • Unit 3 497 Mackenzie St
  • Bella Coola, BC
  • V0T 1C0, Canada

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