Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked – you are not the only one with questions. Here are some of the most common inquiries we hear.



Is my business eligible to participate?

Love Central Coast BC is open to independently owned, non-franchise businesses that are located in our project communities. Certain kinds of home-based businesses are eligible including artisans, crafters, artists, food producers and farmers. Love Central Coast BC as a marketing tool works best for businesses that are focused on retail goods and services rather than industrial companies.

What will participating in Love Central Coast BC do for my business?

Besides increased online exposure for your small business, there are numerous benefits to participating in this fabulous program:

1. A detailed online profile of your business prepared by a professional writer.
2. The ability to post your own upcoming events and special promotions on your business profile page.
3. A professional photo shoot and a package of beautiful photos you can use for your own marketing purposes.
4. Ongoing promotion and inbound web links from the Love Love Central Coast BC social media accounts.
5. Stronger connections with your fellow business owners.

How much does it cost for me to participate?

To join as a participating business, the investment is a one-time fee of $100.

Is the investment an annual fee?

No. The investment of $100 per business is a one-time fee.

How long can my business stay on the site?

Your business will be profiled on the website until you request otherwise and we encourage you to email us to keep your profile current.

Can I update the photos and content on my profile?

If you would like to update the content please email changes.

Can I link my current website to my profile?

Yes, absolutely. When you apply to the program there is an opportunity for you to share all applicable information about your business including your current website, social media profiles and other contact information. If you would like to change your profile at any time email us.

Can I pay more to be the only business of my kind on the website?

The core values of Love Central Coast BCare collaboration and community. For this reason, we welcome all independent businesses and do not offer any kind of exclusivity. As well, our goal is to highlight the diverse range of services available in your business community and what makes it so special and unique.

Why does a photograph of me have to be a part of the profile?

This website exists to introduce you as an entrepreneur to your community in a new and engaging way. Market research studies show that people are more likely to buy from, and support businesses owned by people they know or feel they know. Your picture associated with your business helps foster a connection between your customers that will encourage a stronger sense of community and desire to support your business.

Is Love Northern BC coming to my town?

We are currently accepting applications from independent businesses in central and northern BC. View a complete list of participating communities here. Visit for more information on how to apply.